ATG All­fin­anz & Trust AG

From the Excel solu­tion to Omni­um pen­sion and life planning

«I nev­er thought before that the use of tools in con­sult­ing could be so effective.»

Gabor Gas­par, Part­ner at ATG All­fin­anz & Treuhand Group AG

Today, I show cus­tom­ers Omni­um plans live on the screen. The changes in life events and optim­iz­a­tions are dir­ectly vis­ible on the screen — the imme­di­ate “aha” effect is guaranteed.

The res­ult

ATG’s fin­an­cial advisors use all the func­tion­al­ity Omni­um offers regard­ing pen­sion and life plan­ning. Omni­um is used in the con­sulta­tion with the cus­tom­er. Data is cap­tured, enriched and amended, where required. Pro­jec­tions can be imme­di­ately viewed and adjus­ted togeth­er with the cus­tom­er. All the paper­work is elim­in­ated. A paper ver­sion of the out­put is cre­ated upon expli­cit request only. Oth­er­wise, the cus­tom­er receives the sum­mary of the developed plan by e‑mail with a PDF attachment.

The ini­tial situation

For many years, ATG had been work­ing with an Excel solu­tion cre­ated in-house to set up fin­an­cial plans. Flex­ib­il­ity was high. How­ever, the solu­tion was also prone to errors. Car­ry­ing out the four eyes con­trol mech­an­ism was almost impossible as it was very time-con­sum­ing. In addi­tion to the large ini­tial effort, the con­stant main­ten­ance effort was high. Fur­ther­more, tax data was included in the plan­ning in a very rudi­ment­ary way only. Anoth­er dis­ad­vant­age was that the cus­tom­er could not be shown any screen views dur­ing the dis­cus­sion. Only paper was used, and revi­sions and their effects could not be shown clearly to the customer.

The pro­ced­ure

ATG eval­u­ated vari­ous soft­ware pro­viders in the Swiss mar­ket. The price/​performance ratio of Omni­um con­vinced the man­age­ment very quickly. After the order was placed, advisor accounts were set up and com­pany-spe­cif­ic con­fig­ur­a­tions were adjus­ted. Omni­um Soft­ware as a Ser­vice mod­el was run­ning with­in a few days only. A “power user” was appoin­ted in the com­pany, who was intens­ively involved with Omni­um pen­sion and life plan­ning as well as with pen­sion ana­lys­is. His know­ledge was stead­ily trans­ferred to oth­er employ­ees. Brain­group provided sup­port in the form of a short train­ing course as well as sup­port via tele­phone, mail or “teams” with screen sharing.

The advant­ages

  • Omni­um fin­an­cial advice and fin­an­cial plan­ning can be used in real time via tab­let, the pre­vi­ous paper­work is largely eliminated
  • The graph­ic­al rep­res­ent­a­tions and anim­a­tions in the con­sult­ing tool are well received by cus­tom­ers, cre­at­ing a con­sult­ing exper­i­ence is guaranteed
  • Four-eye con­trol is enabled with Omnium
  • Pen­sion fig­ures and tax data are auto­mat­ic­ally updated sev­er­al times a year, no install­a­tion of updates is required