ATG Allfinanz & Trust AG

From the Excel solution to Omnium pension and life planning

«I never thought before that the use of tools in consulting could be so effective.»

Gabor Gaspar, Partner at ATG Allfinanz & Treuhand Group AG

Today, I show customers Omnium plans live on the screen. The changes in life events and optimizations are directly visible on the screen – the immediate “aha” effect is guaranteed.

The result

ATG’s financial advisors use all the functionality Omnium offers regarding pension and life planning. Omnium is used in the consultation with the customer. Data is captured, enriched and amended, where required. Projections can be immediately viewed and adjusted together with the customer. All the paperwork is eliminated. A paper version of the output is created upon explicit request only. Otherwise, the customer receives the summary of the developed plan by e-mail with a PDF attachment.

The initial situation

For many years, ATG had been working with an Excel solution created in-house to set up financial plans. Flexibility was high. However, the solution was also prone to errors. Carrying out the four eyes control mechanism was almost impossible as it was very time-consuming. In addition to the large initial effort, the constant maintenance effort was high. Furthermore, tax data was included in the planning in a very rudimentary way only. Another disadvantage was that the customer could not be shown any screen views during the discussion. Only paper was used, and revisions and their effects could not be shown clearly to the customer.

The procedure

ATG evaluated various software providers in the Swiss market. The price/performance ratio of Omnium convinced the management very quickly. After the order was placed, advisor accounts were set up and company-specific configurations were adjusted. Omnium Software as a Service model was running within a few days only. A “power user” was appointed in the company, who was intensively involved with Omnium pension and life planning as well as with pension analysis. His knowledge was steadily transferred to other employees. Braingroup provided support in the form of a short training course as well as support via telephone, mail or “teams” with screen sharing.

The advantages

  • Omnium financial advice and financial planning can be used in real time via tablet, the previous paperwork is largely eliminated
  • The graphical representations and animations in the consulting tool are well received by customers, creating a consulting experience is guaranteed
  • Four-eye control is enabled with Omnium
  • Pension figures and tax data are automatically updated several times a year, no installation of updates is required