Success Story of Swiss Life Select

«The philosophy of the Omnium offer calculator and the Braingroup staff convinced us immediately.»

Hüseyin Ucar, Head of Business Services at Swiss Life Select

Due to increased technological requirements and expanded product functionalities, Swiss Life Select’s previous offer tool was reaching its limits. The time was ripe to find a flexible partner for the development of a versatile and holistic solution that optimally combines advancing digitalisation and personal consulting.

Expertise paired with know-how
Swiss Life Select has found in Braingroup a partner who quickly recognized its complex requirements and has a sustainable consulting solution. “The expertise of Swiss Life Select paired with the know-how of Braingroup is a win-win situation for the parties involved,” emphasizes Hüseyin Ucar, Head of Business Services at Swiss Life Select. «Today, with the Omnium offer calculator, we have an intuitive product in use that is tailored to our needs and optimally supports us in consulting. Screens are well structured and offers are compactly compiled. The customer is well advised. This provides Swiss Life Select with opportunities for follow-up discussions.»

Simplicity as the key to success
Swiss Life Select’s requirements for the new advisory solution centered on simple and intuitive use. Every advisor should be able to understand and use the tool in a short time. Clearly structured and meaningful process steps guide the user through the system. Through meaningful comparisons of the services and the direct merging of all documents, the advisor can hand over a meaningful document to the customer at the push of a button. 5 partners are connected via a standardised interface. Customer-specific offers from different partners can be generated and the customer can select the appropriate solution.

Successfully implemented
The new Omnium offer tool as a very central sales application required extreme caution during the introduction in operation. Failures would have been fatal. The risk remained low due to parallel implementation. In the meantime, around 50,000 consulting cases could be processed, and countless offers created.

Cooperation with predictability
The project is now in maintenance mode. Nevertheless, timely adjustments, enhancements or improvements to the solution are still important. To this end, Braingroup provides Swiss Life Select with a predefined number of person-days on a quarterly basis. «For us, this constellation is enormously helpful and important so that we can act optimally as an interface between our partners, financial advisors as well as Braingroup,” explains Hüseyin Ucar. “This model enables a very agile collaboration and yet both parties enjoy a certain degree of predictability and commitment».