Success Story Baloise

«Thanks to Omnium, we have a much more customer-centric, simpler and visually appealing solution..»

Marco Sauser, Head of Products and Marketing at Baloise Bank

Becoming outdated
With the revision of the overall advisory process, Baloise Bank’s previous advisory tool no longer met the requirements. At the same time, the tool reached its limits due to the new Financial Services Act FIDLEG. “The requirements for the advisory solution were clear,” notes Marco Sauser, Head of Products and Marketing: “The focus was on future-proof holistic technology with simple handling and high customer focus throughout the entire advisory process.” With Braingroup and its modular Omnium consulting solution, Baloise Bank found a partner who understood its requirements and challenges right away. Omnium was also able to meet the premise that ‘each initial consultation takes no more than one hour’.

Overall visual experience
The aim is to move away from text-heavy and form-based layouts and towards interactive frontends. With Omnium’s attractive cockpit and investment module, Baloise Bank has a tool in place that also takes regulatory aspects into account. The fresh and dynamic screens turn the consultation into an overall visual experience. The advisor can focus fully on the customer during the interaction.

The Investing module follows the approach of goal-based investing. Targeted questions guide the customer through the advisory process. Depending on the customer type and life situation, the advisor can offer the appropriate advisory packages.

Anticipatory change management
In addition to technical requirements and integration with the core banking system, Baloise Bank placed great importance on involving its consultants at an early stage.

The acceptance of Omnium among sales staff is high due to standardised training and SAQ certification. We are also pleased with consistently positive customer feedback and the number of successful transactions.

Constructive and fair cooperation
«We like the uncomplicated interaction with those responsible at Braingroup. In the workshops, they fought hard but fairly and we always found the appropriate solution. Even today, Braingroup is committed to us at work», says Marco Sauser. Baloise Bank already knew Braingroup before the start of the evaluation process at Baloise Insurance, which uses the Omnium suite extensively. With the continuation of the 360° consulting approach, the prerequisites for the continuation of a joint success story are given.