Suc­cess-Story Baloise 

«Thanks to Omni­um, we have a much more cus­tom­er-cent­ric, sim­pler and visu­ally appeal­ing solution..»

Marco Saus­er, Head of Products and Mar­ket­ing at Baloise Bank

Becom­ing out­dated
With the revi­sion of the over­all advis­ory pro­cess, Baloise Bank’s pre­vi­ous advis­ory tool no longer met the require­ments. At the same time, the tool reached its lim­its due to the new Fin­an­cial Ser­vices Act FIDLEG. “The require­ments for the advis­ory solu­tion were clear,” notes Marco Saus­er, Head of Products and Mar­ket­ing: “The focus was on future-proof hol­ist­ic tech­no­logy with simple hand­ling and high cus­tom­er focus through­out the entire advis­ory pro­cess.” With Brain­group and its mod­u­lar Omni­um con­sult­ing solu­tion, Baloise Bank found a part­ner who under­stood its require­ments and chal­lenges right away. Omni­um was also able to meet the premise that ‘each ini­tial con­sulta­tion takes no more than one hour’.

Over­all visu­al exper­i­ence
The aim is to move away from text-heavy and form-based lay­outs and towards inter­act­ive fron­tends. With Omnium’s attract­ive cock­pit and invest­ment mod­ule, Baloise Bank has a tool in place that also takes reg­u­lat­ory aspects into account. The fresh and dynam­ic screens turn the con­sulta­tion into an over­all visu­al exper­i­ence. The advisor can focus fully on the cus­tom­er dur­ing the interaction.

The Invest­ing mod­ule fol­lows the approach of goal-based invest­ing. Tar­geted ques­tions guide the cus­tom­er through the advis­ory pro­cess. Depend­ing on the cus­tom­er type and life situ­ation, the advisor can offer the appro­pri­ate advis­ory packages.

Anti­cip­at­ory change man­age­ment
In addi­tion to tech­nic­al require­ments and integ­ra­tion with the core bank­ing sys­tem, Baloise Bank placed great import­ance on involving its con­sult­ants at an early stage.

The accept­ance of Omni­um among sales staff is high due to stand­ard­ised train­ing and SAQ cer­ti­fic­a­tion. We are also pleased with con­sist­ently pos­it­ive cus­tom­er feed­back and the num­ber of suc­cess­ful transactions.

Con­struct­ive and fair cooper­a­tion
«We like the uncom­plic­ated inter­ac­tion with those respons­ible at Brain­group. In the work­shops, they fought hard but fairly and we always found the appro­pri­ate solu­tion. Even today, Brain­group is com­mit­ted to us at work», says Marco Saus­er. Baloise Bank already knew Brain­group before the start of the eval­u­ation pro­cess at Baloise Insur­ance, which uses the Omni­um suite extens­ively. With the con­tinu­ation of the 360° con­sult­ing approach, the pre­requis­ites for the con­tinu­ation of a joint suc­cess story are given.